we are the

we understand you have your own thing going

an idea, passion, plan for making some positive change

or maybe you are one of those innovative types; hacking established delivery networks and disrupting monopolies before breakfast

in any case, we are just the same

we like thinking big and we think in pretty numbers

and we like to make good use of time

and we know for fact these skills are pretty useful for telling stories

engaging individuals and communities alike

we started off with providing good quality, often animated digital noise mostly for professionals and businesses in creative industries

it got more complex though as most of really interesting initiatives would usually require involvement of many people

as for today we are making ourselves useful by designing and building virtual spaces for organizations and communities to establish and grow their presence on and off line.

we are based in london and you probably already met us, so just drop us a line

and we'll be in touch




so only briefly, here's what we do:

and if you are still unsure and thinking to yourself: "actually I only need a website for my project"

then we would probably say we are not the best choice for you

but even then leave us your email and short description of the project of yours and we might just ship you off with a sweet and secure site completely for free

we do digital © 2013 - weAreThePlayMakers support free as in freedom - GPL v3 - consider doing the same